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Decent bodyshop in scotland


ClioSport Club Member
Anybody got any suggestions for decent bodyshops in scotland? Looking at getting my carbon bonnet sprayed body colour on the skyline and a couple bits touched up on the bumper


ClioSport Club Member
  Golf R
Glasgow Smart Repair in Hillington estate are very very good.


Mashed up Egg in a cup

ClioSport Club Member
He best be your best f**king mate Spaniel after that recommendation!

Have a look at Protek Bathgate. Instagram, Facebook, Google etc. Contact details are all on there. You can see some examples of our work and get in touch for a free quotation any time. 👍🏻

neil a

ClioSport Club Member
Can vouch fro Protek they did the front end on my 360 and it was flawless.

A mate just had the front of his R8 done at Jacksons accident repair in Fife and again very good finish and price.


ClioSport Club Member
Protek are probably one of thr best up here no doubt

Foz in Clackmannan are really good as well or RM Bodywork in EK. Recently done a full respray on a mates Procharged LS S14 and it's spotless and has done a few accident repairs for me in the past