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Decided to replace superdrive with HDD - Which kit?

I bought one off ebay, didnt fancy paying the rip off price for the MCE one.

It hasnt arrived yet, but I'll post my findings up when I put it in :)
  Mk2 Golf GTI
Cool cheers. What exactly did you search for? Also thinking of going SSD for my programs and HDD just for storage.

I'm wondering if 60gb is enough or whether I should just plump up the extra £50 for the 128
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Depends what you need it for. I've got 160GB Vertex 2E. 40GB is partitioned for Windows 7 (work), the rest is OS X. I've only got programs on it though and photos. No music or videos, as they will go on the HDD instead.
  Mk2 Golf GTI
Finally got round to ordering this! Got one from ebay for £25.

Does anybody know of an external USB caddy I could use to put the superdrive in?

Think I'm going to go with a 60gb SSD for now and upgrade my other HDD to a 500gb, 7200rpm. Think I'll go with a Hitachi Travelstar