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declaring de-cat


DO u have to declare if u have a decat on ur car for insurance, may be a daft question but could someone help plz?

Tricky one this...

Not quite sure myself.

I think a LOT of people on here have them undeclared.

well have you replaced the exhaust ??? is it a straight through exhaust ?? if so i wouldnt say any more as thats all it is
  Ziel Nurburgring

dont you leave yourself open though as isnt a cat a legal requirement or is it just that it must pass the emmisions test?

you do not need a cat for your car to be legal it must just pass emission tests. but all new cars must be made with a cat inplace
  Nitroused MX5

Technically, you have to inform your insurance company if you make any modification away from the manufacturers original spec.

Any mod, be it an air filter to one of my nitrous kits could (if they wanted to be really arsey and lets face it most of them are) render your insurance void.

Scary huh?

So, yes you should, whether you do or not is another matter:devilish:

badinvincible i needed an answer quick as i was on the phone otherwise i would have used the search facility, anyway does it matter?

I just told them i have a de-cat and a straight through sports exhaust system, lol didnt even know what a de-ast was lol, but added on there