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declaring points

  transit connect

how many years do i have 2 declare them 2 the insurance company for? its been 3 years when i renew my insurance and dont want it 2 kill me for another year already pay silly amounts


  RS 182 - Black Gold

check with the licensing agency.

I think it varies on the points dependign wot type they are.

also some insurance companies say 3 years i beleive or 5years.

Quick search on their site will let you know
  transit connect

i been on the dvla says four years from offence date which is may 06 then went to elephant just too see i am paying 2158 on my williams at the mo 2 yrs no claims 8 points for leaving the scence of accident.on elephant i put in no points it was 850 quid.....when i come 2 renew i need somewhere that just asks for last 3 years....any 1 know anywhere