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Detailed M135i LCI


ClioSport Club Member
Cheers mate, it had:

3 stage safe wash
Alloy wheel clean face and drum
Fallout remover decontamination
Full body fine grade clay bar
Full de tar
Window clean
A generous layer of Sesso ceramic wax providing 6 to 8 months of winter protection

KCG detailing in Suffolk, would recommend!


ClioSport Club Member
  DCI 175
Nice , didnt realise you could get a 135lci thought they were 140.
Very smart. Looking at this reminds me I need to clean mine, it's filthy from all the awful weather we have had.
Like your number plate on how simple it looks, need to get one sorted myself as I still have the dealer one on. What is worse is the numbers are like cracking where they have put the hole though for the fixing so it looks naff, it hasn't even covered 10000 miles!!