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Dials Help Needed

is it possible to put in and connect up and work a set of 1.8 16v rev counter and other auxillerie dials into my 1.2 clio rl
  Williams 2, STi N12

Shouldnt be a major problem, you will of course have to get the correct bit of dash and stuff. Plus the correct senders from oil level, temp and pressure for the 3 small ones.

As for the main dials, that should be OK too, although never had to try it. You might have to run a wire or connector to the coil for revs though??

As I say never had to try it but Im sure somebody on here has before.
  Mk2 172

Ive got valver dials in my RT and they work fine, they also look a bit more *sleek* and different to ya usual ones. The speedo is fine but the rev counter is a bit off. If you wanna do it properly get a rev counter dial from your RT and replace the 16v one, as they are slighly different. I hit my rev limiter earlier today and on the rev counter it showed 6 and a half k, whearas its 7k on the RT isnt it? Anyway the valver rev counter goes up to 8k, the RT is only 7k, so the spacing is different...

Havent got the 3 oil dials working and dont really want them fitted, for a start two of them wont work as I havent got the senders and dont see any point as its just a 1.4 8v car! As for the oil level that shows just before you start up the car you might as well check it properly! They might look pretty good thou but for me its important minidisc space!

As for the external temp sensor bit that you get Ive got the temp sensor Im just figuring out how to wire it up, and if it needs the two lightbulbs that go behind it??!

Anyway, enough babbling, hope that helps..