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is it possible to replace the standard RT dials with williams dials, and for them to work correctly etc..
i know its a bit of a pig to get the dials out, but was wondering if the swap over was seamless

i also know the oil guages etc.. wont work but it doesnt bother me as ill be changing them for other functions anyway ;)

i was thinking about whether the sppedo would work right
am i right in thinking that the rt goes to 140 adn the williams goes to 160? would it recalibrate itself (ie the calibration is in the dials and not the speedo cable) or would it just remain the same, (ie, lets hypothetically say the RT hit 140, would the dial be at the top end which would read 160 on the williams dial) if you catch my drift?

i know the temp sensor and everything like that wouldnt fire up but they bother me not

I think the calibration is in the dials, just need the sensor in the wing mirror for the temp display to work, Rev counter should be fine too got one working on a 1.2.


just an update for anyone looking for this info:

williams dials do hook up easily into an RT
four connectors go into the back of the RT one, and the three largest of these go into the back of the williams one easy. These are for temperature, fuel, speedo and revs. also the indicators, battery and handbrake lights work from these

what doesnt work are the lights that indicate when you have your headlights on, foglights, high beam etc.. but its got dark now so i cant have a play around. i assume the little plug does this and i dont think theres a place for it to fit into the williams dials, but will see about where they might go to!

also, havent had a play with the oil guages, but i know these wont have senders, just gota find the blue plug so they light up, otherwise ill have to customise them to pretend to work :p

and another thing, they have the large orange perspex crap so making a non orange glow might not be possible, but i am experimenting with the guy who wrote the guide on ultraleds as to what we might eb able to do.. more news soon!

ill grab some pics tomorrow if i can find my camera which is somewhere in my room!

i have to take back an above comment, it seems that maybe a bulb just has gone :p when i tried my foglights and hazards and rear screen heater and stuff i found the lights do come on, just no when my headlights are on or when my high beams are on - but maybe theyre on a different circuit, will have to check in haynes and check the bulbs tomorrow!

yeah definitly
its a toughie cos theyre sagem dials and have the orange perspex as part of the dials which is integral to the dials themselves

not sure if there are any same layout dials that have clear perspex for a straight swap, but i will do some checking on this as im not positive

otherwise its coming up with something new, or developing some perspex myself