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Did 200 prices go up?


ClioSport Club Member
  Megane RS280
But we know the retail of an RS is b****cks anyway.
Some stunning deals round, 13-14k gets one easy.
  A Beautiful R32
There is a white 200 in my nearest dealer... £18k... made me want to buy a corsa vxr even more, especially as it didn't even have the recaros...


ClioSport Club Member
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that to! double whammy!

shame we don't get the wage increase to give with it all...
  LY 200
it is what is commonly known as inflation.

It is but at the end of the day its still a car thats bareley an improvement on what was being sold in 2004!

I cant see how they can justify £19995 for the 200 as it is now personally....


ClioSport Club Member
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Again debatable but in essence the baked beans u buy today are the same as in 2004 but they have gone up in price also. (made up example of course substitute with other food products etc)

Like mentioned the euro rate has a big impact and I know of uk companies who import products from Germany and this year and last year the increase in cost to the importer has been almost 20% in two years.

Thus ultimately gas to be passed on to the customer. Just like Renault are doing.

But let's be realistic u can still buy a well specced and the best hot hatch in the class for under 16k with discount. It is a good value car over all.