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Difficult situation.

  Clio 172 Ph1
Currently have a bit of a problem - I'm paying a lot of money for an expensive course at the moment to further my career, so have decided to postpone my 172 project until late summer 2023, as I just don't have the funds to repair all the things it needs right now. The battery is unplugged and the car is not driven currently, just turned over occasionally.

The MOT, however, is coming up on the 11th of April, and much to my delight I have found out the car is decatted. I have money to pay for a windscreen crack, seatbelt replacement and a few other things that need doing for the MOT, but no money or time to pay for a cat to be fitted for the MOT. Even a cheap eBay one. I still need the car MOT'd so I can drive it to the garage when I can afford to start working on it again. Even after that it will likely only be driven to the track a few times a month, and very, very rarely on the road otherwise as I just don't need it for that.

Is it possible to get my 172 MOT'd despite having a decat? Finding this out has really, really thrown a spanner in the works, and I can't stop paying for this course.

Any advice appreciated, located in Notts.


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
If it’s not being used and the battery is off, why do you need to MOT it?
just sorn it and worry about it once you’ve finished your course.
  Clio 172 Ph1
Yeah, thinking about it - I think you're both right, SORN is probably my best option. Quite frustrating to be honest as the cat is the only thing holding it back from MOT, and I'd rather not deal with the faff of getting it all done at once down the line (£££).