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Digital Display


  MKII Vee

At the midlands rolling road day, there was a kitted green valver with a digital speedo display stuck to the windcreen. sorry cant remember whos it was , but anyone know where i could I get one from ? any help much appreciated :)




if you want a really good display

Available parameters for display

- Injection time in millisecond
(+/- 0.01 ms)

- MAP sensor in kPa
(+/- 1 kPa)

- Water temperature in C
(+/- 5 C)

- Air temperature in C
(+/- 5 C)

- Waste gate opening in % *
(+/- 1%)

- Lambda value *
(+/- 1)

- Engine rpm
(+/- 50 rpm)

- Vehicle speed in kmh
(+/- 5 kmh)

- Battery voltage
(+/- 0.1 V)

- Throttle position TPS
(+/- 1%)

- Idle speed control valve in %
(+/- 1%)

- Performance in BHP
(+/- 10 bhp)

* Depends on car model

check out

and how to install

98-on owners neednt bother looking

Yeah but it hasnt got the laptop connecting equipment so its literally only the stuff which goes in the car, the box.