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Dilemmas... :S

  172//Crap Micra//Bus
I started stripping the car this weekend FINALLY, but have hit on a couple of minor issues... Namely, Myself! I want to fully strip the car, and possibly have it space framed at somepoint, however, I can't seem to bring myself to a decision (if that even makes sense). Although I have a hell of a lot to pay for before any of this happens I just want to find out what costs may be, and what the options are, so if anyone can advise me and steer me in the right direction... it would be greatly appreciated. So firstly...

I want a full cage, something like the Safety Devices one, possibly with an FIA stamp on it... but without the price tag to match. Aswell as this, I wouldn't mind having a couple of modifications to make it slighly more individual ie. I want it to go in front of the dash, but don't fancy cutting mine up... yet, I don't like the ones that come infront of it LOL. A sort of Cross section at the doors, where the bars cross over and possibly have something of a Rear Strut Brace attached at the back. I'm wondering whether or not it would be worth while to build my own, however, have no idea of the work involved, or what would be needed for such a task... although, my dad did use to basically build Stock Cars back in the day :)

Next up is the roof lining, I've been reliably informed that when that comes off... it aint going back on without a fight, or at great cost from a bodyshop, but how stupid would it look, stripped out, but with a roof lining still LOL. And the next problem is, that this will still be used for an everyday driver for quite sometime... therefore, i'm looking at a way to keep the stereo in... but have it easily removable. As I cant really afford cf, (specially with everything else I want) I've been considering that pretend Plastic Stuff. It looks very good, as long as you don't get to close, and can't be far off the weight of cf... Plus, IT'S CHEAP AS CHIPS LOL! Ontop of this, i've been considering whether or not it would work, or be worth while to build a Sub into the wheel well (nothing major, just something nice... that can also obviously, easily be removed).

And finally to the Seats and the Coilovers! Seats, I have no idea on, there are some nice Sparco's out there, but again, they are very expensive. I've been looking around, and have found some Raceland things. There not exactly the ideal choice, as there bloody heavy... and slightly gash imo, but they are very cheap! And with regards to Coilovers, I'm just interested to know, whats the best, for a man on a tight budget!

I can appreciate that it's all abit random, but i'm not 100% on what exactly I want at the minute, and could just do with some advice to steer me in the right direction really, aswell as some rough idea's on kit and prices. If anyone can help, please do :D

  Swift Sport
Ermmm, don't bother?

only joking! Wow, there's alot to read there...

I know the situation you're in, I ended up buying a second car as a project car! Only you can decide what you want, all I can say is be careful what you take out, and remember a stripped out car is LOUD!! lol