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Disturbing post on peugeot forum!

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I had "a meeting" with a Williams Clio down a long A road and it was dead even until we started going uphill, when i crept past him.
Then we came to a roundabout and it was even thanks to the crappy 106 Gti brakes (and knackered discs). Out of the roundabout I pulled away from him again and he only caught up when I backed off.

This guy was driving a 106 Gti running 128BHP at wheels
Cat back exhaust from Predator Motorsport
Green forced air induction system

Either it wasnt a Williams or theres something weird going on here!?
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How about this about a 16v!?!?


I raced one in my 306 HDI and 0-60 he just got past but not until I had to change into 3rd (so was infront until 50mph). Kept with him and he couldnt pull away. Got to a roundabout and my 306 could have gone much faster but wanted to stay behind to see how well I could exit with the 16ver in front (let him set the pace). As we come off the roundabout (me in 3rd) I managed to over take him with ease and then changed to 4th where he couldnt catch me up . Could have killed him at the roundabout no probs

They just need to read the french group thrash feature in this months Performance GTI to realise how wrong they are!!!:D

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oh yeah 128 at wheels is loads there around 100-110 standard, if it was a standard willy then its probably true unless the 128 is a figure he drempt up one night

  CTR EK9 turbo

Yeah i think he doesnt know what mods it has? ive heard they can be tuned to about 180 bhp? those 106 gtis? im sure i read that somewhere?

i had a decent race with a 106 running high lift cams and exhaust etc and mine was faster (clio 16v with stage 1 willy engine)

nice cars though, it could be closer enough for it to come down to driver skill,

they are quick but an exhaust and induction kit isnt going to make hardly a scrap of differnce 128BHP is very optomistic IMO

theres no replacment for displacment
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Yea, LAD used to boast their 180 conversion for the Pug 106 - giving 180 bhp at the fly (also available for the VTS)... they got real bad feedback from the saxo boys tho on ssc - with the cars not giving any where near 180.

Not sure if GMC did a similar conversion.

But this 106 running close with the willy? ?? Hmmm... dubious

my valvers got 127@ wheels. with just those mods, i think somethings wrong or missing there to get that much power gain
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i wouldnt be surprised if the 106 naield that Williams, they weigh bugger all and with mailto:128@Wheels">128@Wheels youre looking at somewhere around 150 @ Fly? Course itd have it.

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I used to have a 306 hdi and my mate had a clio 16v, I could beat him till about 20-30mph, after that he ate me for breakfast, theres no way one could even come close to keeping up .... believe me I tried. My 1400 although not standard is faster than the 306 hdi.

Erm just cos it looked like a willy (so to speak) doesnt mean it is. I see a few RTs and RSis modded up so much (bodywork wise) they look like willys. But the point is, they arent. They are still running a darn sight less power. Or the other thing is, he could have been just making it up. A willy would probably beat it quite easily. Its definatly quicker on paper, and the 106 wouldnt pull away on the hill. I get the feeling it was probably the other way around.


one off my mates has a P reg 306 GTi6 2.0l 16v he had a race with my other mate who has a F reg Golf mk2 1.8 16v and it was even match they both are very good drivers needles to say my mate with the pug was a bit pissed thad he could not get passed my mate in the golf and they were both pusing their cars up to about 130mph
  CTR EK9 turbo

Cool thats good to know; my friend owns an F-reg 1.8 golf mk.2 16v and ive been toasting him left right and centre all this evening! it is pretty quick tho and does take a bit of revs to get past, but it is easily done.