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DIY Colour Coding - Help

I am colour coding my bump strips using the guide in the guides section, however I am unsure do I need to sand the basecoat before applying the laquer like I did with the primer before the basecoat?
  Clio 172 RS2
Basecoat needs no sanding in between! ! !
You already sanded the primer for adhesion...

You can do it if you have irregularities like a dust particle but the Clear will cover all.

ps. How will you sand a Metallic basecoat? ANSWER.: You don't!
Yes I think I'll do that.
And another question, what about once i've put on the laquer, I heard you rub down the laquer and polish it up? What do I use to do this?
Sorry for all the questions you can probably tell this is my first time doing anything like this!
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i did mine as follows:

sand bumperstrips smooth working up to about 800 /1200 grit, apply 3 coats of primer 1200 grit each coat including the final coat. apply 2 coats of paint as base coat and 1200grit between coats. then do a final layer of paint (do not sand this). apply 3 coats of layer and allow to hard for a week. i then used a machine polisher and a very mild cutting compound to bring out the shine followed by buffing it with some polish.
Yea thats what I have been following, I don't think he has sanded the paint before laquer.
I think I must've read it on the cans that you do which is why I was confused
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Sounds about right, nah dont sand before laquer mate, just go straight over it ;)

can we see some progress pics?
Well I've already primed and painted it just got the laquer to do.
I'll try and get some photos.

I'm finding it quite hard to apply the laquer evenly? I keep getting areas where it is thicker than other areas?
  R5 GTT EFI Clio.
Yeah laquer is always a b**ch to do because its quite thick, and because its shiney its easy to spot weather it went on even or not, Good luck :)
Here is one section with one coat of Laquer on:

I've put two more coats on since then and am going to leave it and see what it turns out like tomorrow.

  Clio 172 RS2
Again Basecoat paint needs no sanding!
It's just a high pigmented paint... within 30 min. adhesive / masking reading!
Even ready for applying a Clear (preferably 2K).

Rattle cans? You need proper flash time for applying more coats after the first!
Aerosol solvent is a b***
  Clio 172 RS2
Yes I think I'll do that.
I heard you rub down the laquer and polish it up? What do I use to do this?

I'm guessing to not getting a nice smooth outcome on the clear?
Eyeing the pic you posted.

So removing 'orange peel' and buffing/polishing it to high gloss again.

You could use Autoglym 03 Paint Renovator and finish it of with Autoglym Super Resin Polish.

Lot's of effort for just the doorstrips innit?