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Do I need stiffer springs? :D


ClioSport Club Member
  182 FFAT
Hi there,

After my last trackday I found this photo of me and while I do like the way it came out it looks like I might need stiffer springs, what do you think?
It's on GAZ GHA coilovers with std spring rates (275lb front and 225 or 250 -can't remember- rear). They are the new design with rear coilover style



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Essentially yes... 275lb is only roughly a 5kg spring.

I would go to a 450lb (8kg) spring on the front.

Ideally could do with a roll centre correction kit too.


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  182 FFAT
The car is not too lowered, only about 25mm, as I'm really not a fan of slammed look so I prefer saving myself couple of hundred pounds for the roll center kit and invest somewhere else. It's a 15 yo car, there's plenty to do lol!
But will think about some stiffer springs, not to stiff though as it's a road car aswell


ClioSport Club Member
Do you run a rear anti roll bar? This will help to some extent for the front too as it will help to reduce the amount of lateral weight transfer.
You’ll notice a significant improvement in the way the car behaves too.

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I have only one question. Is it a trackday car? If its used on the road primarily dont worry about it. Try a rear ARB and see how you are.