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as above, do not use this company. i arranged through them to buy/ fit a thatcham cat 1, for my baby, they told me to be at home between 9 and 1. fair enough, i decided to take the day off work (my workplace will not allow fitting to be done at work). at half 1 i decided to phone them see what was going on, was told he was running 2 and a half hours late, again fair enough. At 4 i had heard nothing, so rang again, and to cut a long story short was told the manager would phone me straght back. well guess what, nothing, ive just phoned him, got no apology, and was basically told that i couldnt get it done til next friday. he could not understand why i would not want to waste another days wages on the possibility on them turning up!!! he would refuse to arrange anything at my convenience. Actually quite rude about it, i know we dont like to sl*g off companys on here, just warning you guys, what would happen if my car was to get stolen by next week??
  Clio v6

All you computer boffs. Why not make a voting page and include all the companies that are likely to appear in this tread.

yeah i know, i dont like to name companies because im realistic about things like this, its just after spending lots and lots of cash with them, after theyve wasted a dyas wages for me, you would think they would be trying to help me out a bit!! saturday fitting??