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Do OE spring get soft in time?

Well... I guess the question is rather stupid, but here goes, anyway. Basically, will the springs get softer in time? I have an 172 mk2 (2002) and was wondering if I should consider changing the springs (OE springs on, right now) or not (consindering either original ones or Eibach Pros).

Or, in other words, would NEW original springs make a difference, compared to 7 years old original ones?

Thanks! ^^



  A thirsty 172
Brand new springs would settle over time and make the car sit lower, but I don't think they'd get softer. They might soften up a little from when you initially fit them but once they've settled I don't think they get softer. If anything I'd say the dampers would be responsible for making the suspension worse over time. If I'm wrong then by all means someone correct me.

If you did fit a set of Eibach Sportlines or Prolines they would make a difference to how the car feels, but again I don't think they'd get any softer after settling.