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Do you dream about your car

  Skoda Fabia vRS

do any of you go to bed thinkin of your car and how you can next mod it

i do hehe !
  7.6cc :D

How strange!

I dreamt that someone was on my driveway stratching Thomas!


I couldnt get out of bed to stop them, i couldnt move. It was horrible

I woke up all sweaty but he was fine

i had a wierd one last night, my car caught fire and when i called the fire brigade they took ages to get there and my car was ruined........ i hope this dream doesnt come true!


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio v6

Sometimes I do dream about my car then I wake up and realise I am actually in it LOL

Seriously I might be more inclined to dream of my next car. A BMW Mini I think. Given that Im old and see hundreds of old codgers like me in the new Mini, I am thinking I wont look out of place with like minded old boys.

mr dash

dreamin of minis?

youll be wakin up in a cold sweat if youre dreamin about minis and wonder why youve got curling tongues up yer chuff.

stick with the v6