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Does any boby know this car?

  Clio 172
Hi as title does any know anything about this 172 HN02 ZPO.

Took it for a test drive last night seemed to run fine a few squeaks and rattles from the interior but that can be expected from a french car, it was a little ropey on idle but I believe thats normal for these. A couple of things though the clutch seemed quite heavy is this normal and its had 4 owners with only 37k on the clock would the 4 owners put anyone else off?

Its advertised with full history but I picked up the belts havent been done they said theyd do this and stamp the book, 12 months mot and 6 months tax for £4.5k sound any good?
  Focus ST170
were'nt HN registrations press cars? feel free to correct me if im wrong tho? just remember reading it somewhere...
  Focus ST170
No i know its hampshire reg but i remember someone saying that HN reg's were press cars = Ragged to death.. could be a myth?
  Clio 172
OK mate cheers for that will look into it a bit more when I get home. If it was a press car though wouldn't you think it would have clocked up loads of miles?
  Focus ST170
Maybe not if it was changing hands so much and/or in garages being repaired, dunno would check it more though, just putting in my opinion, good luck anyways man!
  Clio 172
the garage thats selling the car is doing the belts to be fair they specialise in sports and performance cars specialising particularly in scoobys and evos but i must admit it is a bit worrying id rather them knock of £600 quid and take it to somewhere that has been recommended to me from people off here
  Clio Trophy & VTS SL*G!
My clutch seems not to be heavy but a little funny on the biting point, either all or nothing?

About the owners - it is six years old now so i dont think four owners is excessive? I change my cars often, not through faults but a new buzz about a new car

4500 in my opinion may be a little high but if the car feels right it may be the one for you, only you can tell - If you are questioning it it probly isnt?