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Does this mean a new chat room too

With all this whizzy stuff will you guys be sorting a new chat room?
Im using it now but its all quiet - if it was better maybe more people would use it?

what u mean.. one that actually works and updates without missing the last 5 posts of a conversation... wow , that would be good too!

used too but it was crappy and i could never folow the conversations cause of it missing posts out, so i stopped ages ago
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Ben - Do you actually have anything constructive to say about anything this club does?

It seems to me all you do is moan about everything? If you dont like the chat room either find one that works for us or write one yourself and we will use that. Jas has spent ages trying to get this new forum up and running and sometimes people dont atually understand how difficult things are to maintain. I reckon Jas spends 4 out of 5 evenings a week along with all day on Sunday keeping this club up and running. It is now beginning to eat into my time, not that I mind yet, but recognise that it isnt a 2 minute job keeping this club going.

easy geoff! Im sure we all appreciate the work that goes in, I know I do. Ive seen the server side of things - we do it at my work, I know its hard and time consuming. Im sure no offence was meant!


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Well I think Jas and the admin team do a brilliant job (y) it keeps me out of mischief! I didnt realise that it took up so much of their time.
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Whats the problem with the chat room anyway? I was using it with Jas, Roamer, Rhys, Stu and one or two others last night with no problems that I could detect. I like it!

It always works for me, was having a nice chat with Petes just 1 min ago. The admin team do a great job.

They have made the club wot it is today!!!!!!!

Sumone owes them a drink. (not an offer, by the way) lol

  Leon Cupra

Got to admit the chat room has never worked for me from day 1, dont know if it could be something to do with my internet settings but i just cant get on. Keep getting a "Error (101:)" come up???


I would recommend IRC (Internet Relay Chat) but that will probably mean using a server we dont own... and I have only setup IRC Servers running on *BSD and Linux. Cliosport runs on Win2K, right?

If you all want a new chat room, and Jas wants to keep it all hosted on the same server, maybe we should look into a Java client? There are a fair few around that would probably suit us down to the ground.

As for time consuming, tell me about it. I know all about running public websites and services.
I have e-mailed Jas twice over various things, and I always get a reply the same day - I sent an e-mail a few hours ago and I got a reply 20 minutes later (20 minutes and 6 seconds to be precise), with what I needed to have done with regard to the new forum... Hes doing a Great Job!


yeah, a big thanks to Jas and the Admin team, i know how much it takes out of you.

with helping to provide events for the HK cliosport club, and having my job with renault.....i work a 8am to 11pm day....i ahve to deal with the UK and they dont wakeup till the end of my office day!

any no thikn smost of the time, just how much is this, can i have it cheaper, why is fitting so much, why dont you do this....blah blah blah...makes me wanna scream sometimes!