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Does this one have Xeon lights?

Might be getting this clio, but not sure if it has the Xenons ?

Let me know.......

Hopefully getting this on Tuesday, need to HPI check it though.

Thanks, G.

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he just wants rid off it, it will need a fat service i.e cambelt and everything, has no tax either. :s Hopefully should be ok. Looks nice.
  Focus ST
Yep, does look nice, cup splitter would finish it off nicely.

Xenons are a nice touch, wouldn't want to be without them now!
yer dont like the wheels though, i want to get the 182 alloys in anthrite mmmm lovely.

fingers crossed.
  e60 M5 -172- dciheid
aye seems decent for the age.

You'll get a decent price for the alloys.

scottish number plate on it i see, where you fae?