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Dogbone bushes

  Cliosport 172 cu
Any one know how to replace the bushes in dogbone mount on a 172 cup with out using a press I'm upgrading to flow flex bushes
Get a big socket at one end(30/32mm etc)
get a smaller socket and put in at the other side.
put the dog mount in the middle and place it in the vice.

start squeezing the vice.
done ;-)
  Cliosport 172 cu
Lol I had patience in the end I waited till today to use a press I was close with my lighter and burner but fort nah wait lol but thanks for the info
I had to burn mine out as my vice wasmt beefy enough to squeeze them. You wont ever use them again so not sure why your trying to save them
  Cliosport 172 cu
Yeah I know but I wanted to try a pro job plus rubber stinks lol owell time to all the other bushes have to make tools to fit for them