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domestic!! *serious*

YOu may remember i posted about a week or so ago about my idiot mum reversing out of the drive into my car, which was parked on the other side of the road. originally i thought the dent would knock out, but i have been told by various garages that it will not, and ill need a new skin on the door. THe quotes i have got are all around the £500 (EXCL. VAT!!!) mark, so its quite an expensive job.

Heres the problem:

She is refusing to go through the insurance company becuase she will lose her no-claims, but at the same time will not pay the full balance w/out going through insurance...she wants me to pay 25% becuase or where my car was parked!!! There was also my old micra (waiting to be scrapped), which was parked on the house side of the road next to the drive, but not in her direct way. She is saying that i shouldnt have parked the two cars like that and therefore its my fault!!!!

i dont wanna fall out over this (it looks like its going that way!!) but at the same time i do not feel its fair for me to pay ANY of the damage, seeing as she reversed into it (without looking behind her as she reversed, i can vouch for that!) and did not warn me that the cars were making it hard for her to reverse out!

Wha would you guys do? I need some help!!!


An easy one this. Just calculate what you cost your mum (to date), subtract the 25% and if your still owing, keep quiet!

What would i do? If it was my mum shed be living off a drip by now!

Guess its true that you can choose your friends but definately not your family!
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Get a quote for the repairs from your local Renault dealer - it will be several thousand quid probably. Get 75% of this off your mum. Then take the car to an independant garage and get the work done - youll end up well ahead.

why not get a quote. then add 25% on top of the quote,. she then pays the 75% (full whack) and u call it a day. :D

done. dusted.

yeah i would just add 25% to a quote that way you dont loss out, the joys of having a mum that doesnt drive, i love it.
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1st point she is not allowed to reverse out of a drive onto a public street. This is in the highway code. You must reverse into the drive and drive foward out of the drive. (safety reasons)

2nd If she reversed into some other than the family she would still be liable but as you are her son she is pulling a fast one.

Sound like a case of buck passing mate, she is clearly in the wrong and if it where to go through insurance she would have to pay up mate.
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Have balls like church bells and stand your ground, tell her its not fair you should have to pay anything as it wasnt your fault.

Your mums obviously just trying to dodge paying out because you are her son, ask her what shed do if the boot was on the other foot.

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If all else fails just make sure you eat and drink the 25%. invite all your mates round to polish off every bit of food and drink in your house.

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Tell here you are taking here out then take her to an optician, when she says where are we here, tell her its cause she needs here eyes testing :p
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Make sure you take her in her car though and bump into the railings in the car park when you pull in the space. Kerb her rims. bang her doors on other cars, just do all the things with her car you wouldnt do with your own.

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Hmm...interesting one. Personally i would not pay didly squat towards the cost of the repair! It sounds like her fault so i would tell her to pay the whole cost or tell police that there has been a sorta hit and run accident (he he). Then see what she says.

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I would have gone mad!!

I Love the idea of adding 25% to the price! I will have to remember that one!

I dented my girls car trying to reverse it for her! She was mad and it was all my fault so I couldnt argue so I paid up!

This one is always a difficult one mate!!;)

Ive shown my mum your posts about your dilema, and she says that if it was your mums fault then she should pay.

She did also like the suggestions above. Her suggestion is to get a good door from a scrapyard and have it sprayed the right colour.

Just to clarify Chavyboys point, the highway code (rule 130) says: NEVER reverse from a side road into a main road. Avoid reversing into the road from a driveway; where possible, reverse in and drive out.


worked out the cost of gettin a brand new door - if u have to respray it then im not saving much labour atall, and after al you guys have agreed with me, i dont see why i should be doing much to help her if shes so clearly in the wrong, and bein such a b***h about it!!!

I think ill have it out once and for all with her tonight and show her this thread!!!

...oh, and i might get the highway code out then if she gets niggly!

cheers for the advice lads,


Just to add to your problems - door skins are crap had one on my 106 after it got broke in to. it would be easyier to get a door from a scrap yard and get it sprayed any decent lock smith could then charg the lock.. might even be cheaper.



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Tell her that you are going to report her to the police, because she had an accident and drove off, having failed to report it!

Tell her that she will get fined for driving without due care and attention, reversing out into a main road without checking for other vehicles and that she will have six penalty points on her licence and a six month ban.

She will then see that she would be better off claiming from her insurance company!


Personally, apart from adding the 25%, id also get her bank card while not looking and withdraw another 25% and so she realises that crime doesnt pay! :D
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Ring the Police report the accident and tell them she is refusing to give you her insuarance details.



Suffocate your mum during her sleep with a pillow, then pay for the repair out of any inheritance or life insurance money you are entitled to, it worked for me.


paul - why are door skins crap? what, do they leak or sommit?

i reckon she HAS to see sense, especially if i scare her with all the sh*t she could get into like girlracer said!

like i said, ill try tonight, and post the outcome!
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if my mum tried to pull this id go straight to the police to report the accident and basically tell em ur mum isnt payin up, they will then have to deal with matters themselves and your mum WILL have to claim on her insurance

its her fault entirely DONT back down

I think a few people have to take an objective look at their priorities.

Your mum is more important than any car, so dont stuff up your relationship with YOUR OWN MOTHER just to save a few quid.

Cop it sweet and pay the money.

Even if she was entirly at fault, shes family. This woman raised you, and now her own flesh and blood is going to blackmail her to save how much?

Its only money, and its only a car. Shes your mum. Think about it.
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its not blackmail !

he shouldnt be paying any money, its like someone else hitting you in there car, and asking you to pay 25%, if you were parked up then its plain and simple, not your fault
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I agree, she should pay in full, and the crap about not wanting to use her insurance....What the hell does she pay it for if she isnt going to use it?

I wouldnt get ugly with her about it but I would sit down with her and explain that she is in the wrong and if she was not comfortable reversing with your car behind her, she should have asked you to move the car herself.

Kind of reminds me of the time I was following my dad on a holiday trip when he was pulled over for speeding and I was pulled over right behind him for doing the same speed. I made him pay for my fine as he said we were to travel in convoy.

If you search around a bit you will be able to find a door at a breakers in the right color and it should not cost the earth. Simple and easy to fit. Lets face it a second hand door fitted should not cost you much more than £150 ish Renault have made thousands of 1.4rt Clios theres a door out there with your name on it. Dont wind your Mum up and she probably wont wind you up Its not the end of the world.
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Why not tell her to get protected no claims on her insurance, then make the claim in a few weeks if you dont mind driving with a knackered door...

She obviously should have been watching as she reversed, but even if she was, she definately should have asked you to move the cars?! my mum gets me to shuffle all of our cars around the driveway to make it easier for her to get out. No hassle really....takes, what, 5 mins max?

Quote: Originally posted by SydneyClioSport on 29 October 2002

I think a few people have to take an objective look at their priorities.

Your mum is more important than any car, so dont stuff up your relationship with YOUR OWN MOTHER just to save a few quid.

Cop it sweet and pay the money.

Even if she was entirly at fault, shes family. This woman raised you, and now her own flesh and blood is going to blackmail her to save how much?

Its only money, and its only a car. Shes your mum. Think about it.
Yeah but what you are forgetting are the unwritten rules.

Your parents pay for your up-keep etc. And you do the same for your kids, and they do the same for there kids and so on for eternity. Your parents arent giving you a loan. Ok so legally they only have to care for you until you reach 18. But its part of parenting. You always look after your kids. And your kids should look after there kids. You dont have to pay anyone back.

If she wont pay up wait for her to go out without her car. Then kick her car door in (within reason). Then dont say a thing about it. When she notices it, say that you dont have a clue how it happend. But say its a shame that someone damaged her door and didnt leave there insurance details. This has 2 outcomes (hopefully) she:

A) Realises that sherking your driving responsibiliys (which by getting behind a wheel of a car she agrees to) and not paying for your damage is bad thing.

B) She claims off her insurance to get her car fixed. And while she is claiming and loosing her no claims she might aswell claim for your door. It might look a bit odd on the insurance form (2 doors damaged on 2 different cars etc) but thats not your problem. If she gets the police involved it is!

Good Luck