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Door trim removal

  Clio v6

Those ICEy people may be able to help.

Please think MK1 172 door trim. Apart from undoing those screws in veiw. Is there some other trick to removing the interior door panel?

I have an annoying rattle and though I could sort it myself and save a few hundred miles ( dealer testing )

Thanks for any advice.

They often use extremely sticky rubber gum stuff to stick the card to the door. Although you have removed all the screws it may still require a swift tug to superate it from the door. Good Luck
  Lionel Richie

lift the bottom corner (where the door closes) using something hard and plastic (ooooer!!) itll pop keep pulling, then youll have to lift it upwards once youve popped all the clips off the back cos its hooked onto the window at the top