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downloaded movies help !!!

hi guys i have downloaded some dvd copied files from the internet which are normally mpg or avi files and they are normaly around 700mb in size just wondered how do i get it so i can get these files of my computer onto a dvd so i can watch them in a dvd player silly question but can these files be done this way or can they only be viewed on a i simply burn them to dvd and they will play straight away

cheers guys many thanks
  Punto/Clio GTT
get yourself a dvd convertor like WinDVD.

basically converts your .wmv, .mpegs n .avi's to dvd formats. takes a while though.

then just burn what youve converted to DVD


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
Are they zipped up ? They usually are then need unzipping first . Then use winavi dvd convertor to re-encode them back to dvd ( vob ) files , nero 6 to burn them to dvd and off ya go :).

Or dvd santa to re-encode and burn all in one .
hi mate that is to tecky for me lol nothey are not zipped it the coplete file i am downloading sometimes they come down as a ra file in which i extract as an mpg or avi there any free software available that can do this i would need help with also tecky guys cheers mates
cheers for your help guys so far with this i hope this works cos i have aklot of these files and would save alot of cinema trips he he thanks again lads
  Audi S3 225
ya got hold of nero vision express, nero will do it all for ya, just select the avi or mpeg file and let nero do the rest, takes around 45mins to up to 2 hours to encode and burn depending on computer speed memory etc.


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
^^^^ Thats why winavi video convertors better . About 40 - 50 mins to encode , 10mins ish to burn , job done ;)
  GW RS200
winavi converter all the way - two buttons, one to convert to dvd format, one to burn it! Simple and effective!

Nero's good as you can just convert and burn easy enough, or you can easily add a menu and chapters menus, backgrounds music etc too. Its good, Sam