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Driver improvement course

  05 1.2 Dynamique

I had a crash in my works van on 23rd june, and today the police decide to send me a letter to say that i have 14 days to decide if a want to go to on this driver improvement course. ok i know if i go on the course im clear of points and thats that. problems:-

1 - £150 for the course!!!!!

2 - it takes 2 days - is this 2 days of non-work thus loss of earnings as well???

3 - it happened almost 7 weeks ago can they really only tell me this now????

4 - where the hell am i going to get 150 quid from - i barely break-even each month as it is!!!

5 - does this change my insurance

6 - sorry mods if this is the wrong board...
  2008 Golf GTI Edition 30

The guy that wrote my car off (and his and another car) got the same.

TBH for it him it wasnt good enough.

Quite frankly, deal with it!
Just be thankful you dont get any points on your license.

You get a 2 day jolly and it only costs you 150notes.

And no it doesnt affect your insurance, sadly!
  05 1.2 Dynamique

yeah, i caused 500quids damage to the front end of a bmw whilst writing-off the works van. i came out a bit worse off i think but still pissed off it took this long for it all to come through, isnt there like a 28day cut off or anything?
  05 1.2 Dynamique

suppose so, better look to the bright side, gotta ring them tomorrow about payment terms and when i can do it, it says they want a cheque within 14 days, they can kiss that unless they want that to bounce. so not chuffed with myself. does anyone know what i actually get for my 150?
  05 1.2 Dynamique

one day ill remeber to google first, website aint the best ever but i am looking at it a bit more openly i suppose. still annoyed its 150 but ill get over that soon - i think, thanks mate.

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