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Drivers side electric window

  Renault Clio 2012
Hi everyone, Drivers side window was working fine when I bought my Renault Clio (2012) briefly but then stopped , it has worked intermittently for a few days working and stopping but now it’s failed completely with my window slightly down. I have changed the fuse which has done nothing! I can hear the click noise when I press the button so it’s trying to do something but just won’t go down or up, any ideas please as I’ve only recently passed my test and this is my first car and I am a bit of a novice
Thank you for reading


ClioSport Club Member
  clio 172
Try swapping the switches over between the windows just to check it’s not the switch.
If it’s not that or the fuse then likely to be the regulator. That’s a diy yourself job
  Renault Clio 2012
I went back out to the car frustrated and turned the key once and it suddenly started working, started engine up and seems to be working again now but for how long who knows. Thanks for your help though it does need sorting out properly