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Drivers window & back screen wash



Hi just a couple of problems and any help would be much appreciated!

couple of months ago my window pretty much fell out, the door has been taken apart and apparently the arm that holds the motor for openin/shutting the window has fell off! Anyone know of anywhere in the Northants area that could fix this for me at a reasonable price?

Also ever since I've had the car the back screen wash hasn't worked! I turn the knob but the screen wash comes out the front! (yes, I am using the right one!) Wondered if anyone knew why this happens and how to fix it? I'm useless with cars ha

  BMW E46 and E36
You do know that the front and rear squirters have different switches?

So do the front ones squirt when you bring the lever in AND when you twist it?


yeah! thats what i was tryin to say when i said im usin the right one! lol both squirt only the front window!