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Driveshaft noise?

  2003 Clio 172
Right, among many things in this car I have been chasing a rattle/knock for a very long time.

It occurs when going over rough surfaces (cobbles for example) or when the engine is in high gear at low speeds, or setting off. Only seems to be coming from the passenger side, low down.

The general consensus at the time was that it might have been gearbox related but that has now been refurbished and the noise did not change at all.

I noted some play in the track rod and bottom ball joint so I just replaced those along with the tre. No change

The shocks are old and tired admittedly so I swapped those around to see if the side the noise was coming from changed, no change

I swapped the cv joint with one I had from a good shaft (that was replaced only due to the inner cv splitting) and again, no change at all

I also observed among my tinkering that the front passenger calliper is, well.........quite loose on its little sliders and can rattle about a bit. In all honesty though I cannot see this making the noise that I am hearing.

My final point and probably the point of this post is what play should a driveshaft have?

I know that the inner cv (gearbox end) kind of floats in a space in the diff and should move in and out to allow for the angle of the driveshaft changing with suspension travel

But if I grab the driveshaft and pull it in and out (towards and away from the diff) I hear a more notable knock, metallic......kind of what I am hearing.

Now I know the driveshaft is attached to the outer cv with a split ring on the shaft and I have yet to ascertain if this is the loose bit or if it is the cv itself, not sure. But is this a known wear item? There is no rotational play (i.e. the splines perhaps being worn) but definitely and in and out resulting in a knock from the hub/cv area. No noise from the box end.

At this stage I am close to dropping a spot of weld between the driveshaft and the cv mount to see if that cures it but just wanted to throw this out there?

  2003 Clio 172
Any thoughts guys?

just trying to think ahead of the game for the festive period and get something if I need it

I also had a "wheel bearingy" thought so will check that and will also compare the in-out play with the drivers side which does not make any noises when driving