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Driving Position


ClioSport Club Member
  BMW 530 Touring
Apologies in advance if some of this is a bit dumb, but having just picked up a 182 Cup, I need to do something about the driving position before I head off on trackdays. At 6'4", I am clearly not a common "french" shape, so need to be lower and further back in the car. I will put new seats in which will hopefully sort out both the lower and further back in one go, but this will inevitably, leave the wheel and gearlever too far away.
So, has anyone got any recommendations regarding which wheel/boss unit will move the wheel back by ideally at least a couple of inches and whether a short shift kit and a bit of judicious bending is likely to put the gearlever somewhere I can reach it when harnessed in? I would consider a "remote" lever if such a thing is made.
  E46 M3
For the steering wheel there are many spacers that will fit any wheel/boss combination. A quick release boss will also add length. Look on demon tweaks for all of that.

Look at the Burpspeed thread on how to adjust the gear linkage so that neutral is where 4th is now. If that isnt enough the whole lot can be moved back, look in Bigash's thread for that.
What Ian said basically.

Or you could use a dished wheel to bring it closer to you. Just measure how much closer you need it.
  182cup & 172 racecar
To move the gearstick further back.

Easiest option is,

underneath gearbox you will see the selector arm which is attached to the linkage.

One fits inside the other.

Mark the side with a felt pen, this is so when you put it back together, you will be able to select all gears again.

Undo the 12-13mm nut and separate the two.

Now cut about 1/2 inch off the solid bit that goes inside the other.

Fit it back together and tighten nut up.

You will now find that your gearlever sits further back. (or leans further back)

If this is not enough, then cut a little more off and try again.

Had to do this on the race car, as I couldn't reach 1st and 3rd very well.