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Driving Trip in... ISRAEL!

Hello from Israel!

Renault Sport Israel club developed on last year.

After few meetings and one track-day we scheduled a Driving Trip. yay.

about 15-20 Clio's arrived.

We had 400~ KM of pure F-U-N.

How about some pics?

First of all - all our members.


Waiting for the the "laters" - 7 AM.







Stopping for more clio's to join us







Some better Quality pics:

And the picture I like the most (My car is the little FlameR one :eek: ) :

Sorry for no action pics, we were quite busy in driving :evil:

But I got action videos!
Please keep your mind out of the Arabic music, it's not my taste, it's not our taste, it's just he's!

Cheers from Israel!

Hope someday we'll meet.
Looks like you had a good time :)
Nice to see Clios from other parts of the world!
Have Turinis not found there way to the east yet? ;)
Unfortunatly we don't have turini's as we don't have cup here.
The first 172 brought here in 2001. in 2002 they brought us the 172 Ph 2.

In 2003 a few 172 were brought, and then renault IL decided to stop selling renault sport. That's the reason we don't have 182. We also don't have Renault sport between 2004-2007.
In the last few months Renault IL decided to sell in Israel the Clio 197 (But not the R27), and the Megane 225 (But not the R26).

Sad, but true.
  alien green rs133
action vids look rather tame compared to some of the driving i have experienced on "NE drives out" mainly courtesy of knoxy and vern :D
  2003 MK2
thanks guys!!
just to let you know that you are our main source for good looking cars and how to treat them.
if any of you guys will ever visit Israel - you are more then welcome to contact us - we will make sure you'll have a good visit :)

p.s - mine is the blue MK2 with the red driving gloves