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Dropped my Car 60mm @weekend



And its sweet!!!

looks class, drives soooooooooo much better and it dont rub!!! (not that i thought it would)
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Tom I sent the instructions to Jas so they should be up on the main web page very shortly. I will mail you the photos of the car before and after as well as the boot install tomorrow.


did you bother uprating the shocks etc?

I spoke to about 5 garages who both said Pi springs were dodgy quality and 60mm needed uprated shocks.

whats the ride like? Im loving my 40mm on the standard 15. The wheels sit well nice in the arches and the handling is amazing



Nope no uprated shocks as the car is going bye bye soon- any drop of any kind eventually requires uprated shocks. but i dont want to lose any comfort.

the springs are fine quite good quality i paid £40 for them so im not gonna grumble (might change them to h&r soon have a set lined up for £60)

ride is better than it used to be, some of the comfort has gone but its so much more taught.

the handling has improve so much it its incredible

What you doing with it? ANd whyd you want new springs if its going? lol

Youll also get better fuel economy cos less drag, as im sure that was your primary concern ;)

A lexus?? Im really not sure a company would let someone have a v6.... that would be just silly.... where you work? any jobs going?

PI springs are a 55mm drop they dont do any lower for the clio :)

just had mine dumped on the 55 mm springs and it aint as low as i want it altho they have only been on there 2 days so should wear in a little bit. the backs certainly low enough lol about 85 mm i think :)