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Dropping revs prob?

When i dip the clutch in any gear and at any speed the revs drop like a tonne of bricks to nearly stalling point rather than progressively falling.

Does this sound like a HT lead problem?

To cut a long story short had 428's fitted, not mapped as yet, car was running fine but after 30 miles developed a miss-fire due to the leads knackering up so replaced them with some old ones i had sitting about which cured the miss-fire but now causes the above problem.

Does it sound like a problem with the HT's or more the car just needs mapping? Thing that confuses me is the cars revs and idle ect ran fine just after the cams were fitted on the old leads.
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in my opinion i think it will not be leads, as the lead would break up more than just causing that, i would say the map is a big problem, could alo be ICV, mine was


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Mines started doing the opposite where is takes ages to drop. Could that be an ICV

Possibly, I dunno.
I had the same issue though, and found my throttle body was sticking a little bit. Cleaned it out and it's been fine ever since.
Pretty sure its not the ICV.

This all started after changing the HT's. Day before the miss-fire on the 1st set of HT's the IVC was fine so doubt the day after on a changed set of HT's with zero miles covered it would suddenly play up.

Im wondering if the contacts on the leads are a bit dodgy. Been sitting a while like