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Drove a 106 gti today

  clio williams, Ph1 172

All I can say is. No way as quick as a valver. sorry ;). Like drivin my birds AX GT except a bit posher and slightly quicker. They are revvin like f**k in 5th gear too. my valvers fairly standard and that was too.

Dont get me wrong was nice but not exactly rapid.
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Dunno mate, prob lookin at cars for the mrs again. not sure where I will be.

Dunno if i was driving the car wrong or what but just didnt seem as quick. Mind you I had mine on the rollers at 147bhp and the 106 gti was standard.

Dont get me wrong, nice motors though and dont rattle like my old valver hehe.

My mate test drive a VTS the same day I gave him a shot of my RS1800 and he was adament they felt the same speed. The VTS only had 2,000 miles on it so would probably be quicker with more miles, the same goes for the 106 gti. It should get quicker with a higher milage. Atleast the VTS looks nice and chunky - was talking to a 106 gti owner today - it really looks like a Girls car (sorry Girls & 106 Gti owners).
  Honda Civic Type R GT

Carlos beauty is in the eye of the beholder! The 106 GTI is a superb little car!



The 106 GTI is a superb little car!

Tommy I rate the 106 gti as one of the best GTis ever - but when I see one it looks pathetic (too me). I drove a 106 (Girlfriends) for 6 months and they really are Tinfoil with wheels, some small cars look big but a 106 is small and looks smaller. I know the Saxo is the same car but somehow it looks better. I cant explane it - I find the rear of the MK1/2 Clios the same, my Williams looks great from every angle except the rear - it looks like any other clio (too me). I just seem to have a small bumper complex - LOL. I love big bumper mk2 Golf Gtis!! Im gibbering now so I better stop...:confused:

Try racing a 106 Gti as well!!

I have, I comprehesivly stuffed him. My car weighed the same but had 45bhp more;)

I saw a 106 Gti at a Scoobie trackday at knockhill - it was pi$$ing rain and the 106 was keeping up with the scoobs on the corners in the wet. The guy was driving like a looney and it was the best day ive had at knockhill all down to him! Why have a AWD Scoob when a FWD 106 Will do?
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

No way a FWD car can keep up with a Scooby 4x4 round corners especially in the rain! Just the balls of the driver!

Id go as far as saying a Scooby can corner at twice the speed in the wet, cause if u did lose it youd simply put on oppisite lock and the ASM, LSD or whatever would the rest!

A 106 is a pathetic shopping trolly compared to a Scooby, or even any 4x4 Turbo beast!

My brother has been i reckon through loads of cars since he was 17, these included such beauties as old style escorts like Mexico etc, metro gtas and gtis, even a cossie......then he landed a high paying job, now lets set the scene, single, 29 years of age, bloody good salary, no kids to drain it off, no high mileage travelling, goes out and buys a 106.....not just anyone 106....a mighty 1.1 engined 106....almost pished myself when i seen it as he aint a small chappy...knocking on the doors of 18 stone
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Well this 106 gti had done 42K so was well run in id say. No way as quick as a valver. Nice little car though


  Audi TT Stronic

I rate the 106 GTi handling better than the clio/172 as standard.

I am really considering lowering my 172 now.. too much body roll


  Audi TT Stronic

driving in the wet sucks though.. and you really shouldnt be pushing your car that hard in the wet.

I know for me when it rains i take it easy.

My girlfriend has just bought a 106 GTI, and its quick, handles very well round corners and looks good, especially with 15" alloys.

She picked it up 2 days ago and already caned a Corsa GSI and a 306 XSI.