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Earth Tremor!!!!

Blimey, well, thatll teach me for staying up way too late working again, I would have slept right through that if I had been asleep (I could sleep through anything, including my alarms :)


  Shiny red R32

Wow! :cool: Too far away up here to feel it. Did the tremor affect your computer while you were using it Roamer?
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Sounded like someone had piped a million watts through my sub. People out in the streets, dogs barking, no power cuts or anything here though.
  silver valver/hybrid

i am in Walsall, felt it pretty bad! loads of stuff fell of the shelves in my sisters room and the loft hatch was bouncing up and down! couple of windows were shattered around walsall/dudly/wolverhampton. 4.8 on the old richter scale i believe.

GR - Nope, laptop was fine, after it finished I just threw it on the chair next to me and went outside for a ciggy, then found that most of my neighbours were leaning out of the windows looking dazed and confused

[:confused:] [:confused:] [:confused:] [:confused:]
  Leon Cupra

Mental hear in Wolverhampton (less than 10 miles away). Lots of small power cuts all over the Wolvo/Dudley area to deal with at work. My phone at home has been out all day until now.


Jimbo me and my bro was watching that as well. I remember me and my bro saying WTF, the whole house was shaking lol. The funniest part was my dad didnt notice at all even tho he was awake. I live near Bristol.