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ECOTEC - anyone tried it yet

I am thinking of fitting an Ecotek to my Clio Cup (2002) and wondered in anyone had already tried it out and if it made any difference ?

Yes, tried it, pointless, dont bother (unless you want stupid sucking noises coming from under your bonnet for little or no benefit).

  350z & 16v Maxi

I dont know if it works or not. I have fitted it, and the f*cking noise it makes cant be worth any gains so i turned it off.
  BMW 320d Sport

I fitted it and I was pleased with it, saved me petrol quite noticeably, but thats on a 16v and I think the effect varies from car to car. Theres plenty of stuff on here thats been said before about the Ecotek, do a search for it. Its what you might call a hot topic on here.

no offense to u mate. but i aint even gettin started on this topic again. all ill say is i agree with nick

Might have been a small fuel saving, but the farting noise from under the bonnet is just too embarrasing and annoying to live with!


Thank you all for your thoughts, Im still a little undecided but leaning towards not getting one. Having a car that farts and hisses sounds a bit embarrasing around town and a bit of a distration when pressing on and needing to concentrate.
  Clio 197

Forget it. It is a very silly thing to fit to an otherwise well engineered engine.

Can you say vacuum leak?

Theres so many threads on this subject! Do a search!

I have a mini adventure for you. Ecoteks cause long term problems. Dont use one. The end!