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Edinburgh meet

How about a meet in Edinburgh? Ive been here for a few weeks now and have seen loads of 172s and a Willy 3 (parked next to the castle on Sunday). So I know youre all here somewhere!

Lets get some cars to meet up and show me around! Im sure there are some proud "Edinburghians" (!) on here!


  Shiny red R32

How are you enjoying Edinburgh Ben and have you found somewhere to park your car? Did you sort out your MOT and tyres?


  Shiny red R32

Did you see Rod Stewart while you were at the Castle Ben? Maybe the Willy 3 was his!

Not a Rod Stewart fan really - unless that WAS his Williams of course!! It was an absolutely immaculate Williy 3.

How about Sunday some time then??

Edinburgh is a fab place - but the roads are pure poo in terms of surfaces.

This weekend could be a prob Im afraid Ive got the inlaws staying!! But as I said if a few more show interest I could maybe get out for a while!

ben if you interested you could go up to crial this sunday and beat some cars on the strip as Ill be taking my car on the the strip as well.

is crail on this sunday? whats the event? i fancy a trip up to lovely St Andrews and a good day out to crail is always a blast. Ill never forget the day i watched a scooby blow his engine on the skid pan.

ohh the laughs


  Shiny red R32

Sun 28 July Crail Thrash REDLINE THRASH with FIREFORCE JET CAR and if you click onto times you can view names, cars and times of the previous 1/4 miles.

although i couldnt attend as its 100s of miles away i would be interested to see what time Bens 16v would make? im guessing with a good start low 15s are possible,

gonna have a look for some cliosport stickers. i think ill leave my 1.2 at the side, dont want to be embarrased on the track. I had my dads honda accord up last time, but decided the thril of the race wasnt worth the risk of a kick up the erse from my father

Id normally be *very* (borrwing from Nick) interested, except that my car is in the garage over the weekend having the exhaust taken to pieces! Boo hoo!