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elec sunroof switch


Are the arrows on the switch meant to light up when you have the lights on, Just like the window arrows? mine doesnt neither does my buddys not sure if its meant to or not......


There not meant to as i took one apart and there was no bulb inside but you might be able to swap it for a window switch if you so desire!!!


Specification as follows:

1992 J clio 16V

Engine: 1998cc F16i.e. twin-cam 16v running on mobil 1 motorsport 15w-50 fully synthetic oil. Converted by Hillpower in winter 2001/02 using a 19,000 mile block from a 1998 megane. Complete with Gas flowed head with matching intake and exhaust manifolds, Piper fast road camshafts with vernier pulleys and Hillpower re-programmed ECU, Fitted at the same time was a new timing belt, williams clutch, uprated dog bone engine mount, starter motor, alternator and water pump. Colour coded rocker cover and silicon water hoses. Also with K&N 57i induction kit and full Magnex stainless steel exhaust system including de-cat. Gearbox has silkolene pro srg75 fully synthetic oil.

Mileage is currently 27,300 on the 2L engine and comes with full service history. Brought from my cousin 2 years ago who had owned the vehicle for 3 years.


Nice one.. ya must be running a genuine 125-135 at the wheels !.. good call.

Nicks work is excellent .

What cams are they (ie - duration and lift ??), also, whats the ilde like ?? any probs on emissions and mot ?.

Joe.. impressed. !

Have you a torque plot for that beast ??.. would love to see how the midrage umpty compares to a 172.. the 172 has a fab torque curve and power delivery.



Had 133bhp @ the wheels at power engineering but the run they printed out only made 131bhp.

The cams he used were piper 270s.
Idles pretty good, a bit lumpy but it never hunts or owt apart from when the throttle potentiometer needed adjusting(advice from PE RR), as for the MOT ill let you know next month!!!
Should be ok as i dont need a cat.

Ive got a printout from PE but i dont know how to get it onto the computer.
Ill bring it with me when i know well meet!
Nick Hills got a copy if you ever pop im.