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Electronics and/or idling problem ??

  172 Cup (Iceberg)
Hey guys wondered if I could get some help on a problem I've had today with the Clio. (It's a 172 Cup, 53 plate).

Drove to work as normal today, approx 30 mile trip, no problems. Now on the way back the electrical warning light (assuming it is this, it looks like a diesel plug pre-heater light) remained on for the whole journey back and I couldn't get over 3000 rpm in any gear, so I basically limped home doing 40-50 mph.

I've been looking under the bonnet since I got back and there is nothing obvious. One thing I have noticed though is the warning light is now off. But, the tick over is lumpy, it will shoot up to about 2500 when you fire it up but then it will idle at about 1500 but you can see the needle going up and down between 1250-1750 with it occasionally settling down at 1500 after 5 minutes or so. And this is the weird part, when I apply the brake, the needle drops down to normal tick over. Let your foot off the brake and it shoots up again.

Any ideas? :S

I've just had a new back box fitted earlier in the week. I don't know if this could be linked in any small way?

Cheers in advance.
  '06 MK3 Clio 1.4L
Well the cars definately going into limp mode because of the 3000rpm limit which is kicking in...

How long since you had the spark plugs changed?

May also want to check the coilpack...
  172 Cup (Iceberg)
The spark plugs haven't been changed for, well, since I've had the car, so about 25,000 miles to my knowledge as I've just clocked 50,000 miles. Could it be possible that they haven't been changed yet??

You say check the coil. Any particular faults I'm looking for with it?

Cheers for the reply.
  172 Cup (Iceberg)
Hmm, still none the wiser. Don't really want to take it into the garage :( Anybody else had this problem before?