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elephant renewal


ClioSport Club Member

im with elephant and my insurance is due middle of june and i was wondering when they normal send the renewal quote through? and does it come by post or e-mail?

  silver valver/hybrid

think its usually a week or 2 before its due, probably to give u as little time as possible to shop around! lol
  tiTTy & SV650

call them or email them to ask for renewal quote but its typically 3 weeks before renewal. £780 for me @ 23 in my 182 with 3yrs NCB

They sent mine at least 2 weeks before, they also gave me 1 weeks grace period..... I called around a few places and then went back to them and they went cheaper then the original renewal quote and cheaper then anywhere else.
  Vee dub

Quote: Originally posted by matbrown on 22 May 2005

Yeah, and they normally put the price up so make sure you shop around!

I usually just swap with their sister company Bell direct but might be worth trying


They normally put the price up??

My insurance is due next month and was wondering the same question


Yeah, well in my experience anyway, in the hope that you will be too lazy to shop around, youd be surprised how many people dont bother.

  Vee dub

Im hoping they dont increase mine!

Elephant are brilliant for cheap insurance!!!

  CLIOpatra, L22EE W™

I find that Quinn-direct is the cheapest insurance I found by far for my 1st car. Some compaines wanted £1700+ fully comp, but Quinn-direct wanted £940 fully comp.

So went with Quinn-direct. Did I mention BARCLAYS wanted £5500.00 fully comp, what a fecking joke that was!
  One with a few more

i tried confused . com. got quoted 2000+ for the subtle mods ive done/want to do (ie induction, steering wheel 172 etc) bit mad
  182 Cup, (2nd one)

I was with elephant then they put up the price £150 after a year so moved to is also another good one to try.

its about 2 wks before. got mine for £680 thats on a mk1 172 im 22 & 2yrs NCB worth doing a quote on there online system first gives you an idea.

elephant put mine up after a year so i rang them and asked why it soon went down.
  Illiad V6 255

Elephant ream you if you have an accident even if its fully settled with the 3rd party accepting responsibility. I had a small bump with somebody hitting me from behind in traffic. All settled ... excess refunded ... yet Elephant/Admiral/Bell all tacked an extra £100 on because I was "even tho you werent at fault, youre now a higher risk". Err ... reckon Im equally at risk of being bumped behind in traffic as any other bugger :mad:

On-line quote prior to accident for my V6 was £650-ish ... after accident was showing up as £750-ish ... when renewal came it was for £890. WTF ... curiously they lost my business.

Now insured with Privilege who dont penalise you for such things for £720-ish.