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  Clio 197 Cup
Just thought I'd write a few words on the 197 cup I picked up yesterday.

Moved house earlier this year and sold the NISSAN 350ZGT4 to make way for something a little more practical... Golf GT sport...... which I hated with a passion, I kept if for as long as possible (yesterday) and just impulse bought the Clio 197 Cup after helping my friend find a car, just thought it would be fun for a couple of months.

..... I had no idea what to expect, I knew it had good reviews but really had no idea.
Anyway without going on with myself, I have not driven a more focused, direct car ever, I've not smiled as much since taking out the bosses Porsche turbo a couple of weeks ago.
IT REALLY IS THAT GOOD, it is as much fun as anyone will have for that type of money, mind blowingly good....
Shocked is probably the best description... over to the Lakes tomorrow to chuck it around a bit more, I must admit though I'm not looking forward to the motorway bit.

So yeah awesome little car, no wonder there's a forum dedicated to it.

  Family Bus
Great intro to the site!! Brilliant little write up there....welcome to cs, glad you are enjoying your cup! I'd love one!!!
  Clio 197 Cup
OMG.... How hot are you lil blondie..... yeah cars muchos fun!

Not seen that many in Manchester which is a good thing I suppose!!
  audi a6 3.0tdi
Hi mate i'm not far from Manchester either. Get along to some of the northwest runs round wales and the lakes you'll have a great time