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Emissions light only when stationary

  200 Gordini
The light comes on everyday but only when stationary for a couple of minutes i.e when talking to someone.

Light came on on the standard exhaust all the time, even when driving.

Had a milltek put on but my cat was cracked so i believed this was a problem when the emissions light came on.

Now ive modified the cat to a 2.5'' exit with no blowing points in the zorst but now i have the problem of it only coming on when stationary and goes off after about 2mins of driving.

Should i worry? Drive slow when the light is flashing? Buy a new lambda sensor? Block the lambda hole and cover the sensor?
  Evo 8 MR
Have you tried taking it for a good run?

Short journeys clog the cat up and stop it from doing its job.
  200 Gordini
Yeah but it sill comes on when stationary.

Surely it shouldnt do it everytime im stopped for more than a minute?!? Lambda sensor?
  Fabia vrs tdi
my emission light came on yesterday and got it checked and its the back o2 sensor, getting it replaced asap