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engin coversion

  clio 1.2 8v
do i need to change the interior loom to convert my 1.2 8v to a 1.6 16v?? was thinking of doing it as a little summer project and im gonna start getting the parts now and strip the engine down and give it new parts befor i put it in.
  clio 1.2 8v
why bother its havin cat cams pullys and bike throttle boddies i got a mate hu does remaps and setting up so i gettin it done for nowt.
  Nothing at the mo :(
like i said, why bother.. just sell up and get a 1.6 instead.. or at least put a 2.0 in it if ya doing a conversion
  clio 1.2 8v
does it fit straight in was just thinkin with it being a different subframe that its goin to need everythin else changin too.
Iirc the 1.2 8v is the crappy Authentique spec which leaves you with pretty much nothing. You'd be better selling and buying a 1.6 then doing all the work to that. Then you might have a decent interior and rear discs etc?
  clio 1.2 8v
how do you mean crappy spec as in th chassis completely diferent i were gonna put a 172 rear beam on for the disk conversion
  mk2 ph1 1.6 16v MTV
Yeah straight swap! You dint need the interior loom. Pm me if you want help as I've done this on my Clio