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Engine Temperature / Econnomy

  Clio 1.2 8v / DC2-R
I'm unsure what the issue is if any, I've had this Clio for about a week now and it seems to be caining fuel. Its a 1.2 8v. I filled it to the brim once I bought it and have done about 140 miles and the fuel gauge is on half which doesn't seem too brilliant so far.

I am going to work out the consumption properly later when I fill it back up to the top. But for the time being does 140 to half a tank sound about right or is that low?

Which brings me onto the next question, where should the temperature gauge sit once its up to temp, mine is abit bellow half, is this about right?
  LY 220 Trophy+IB PH1
When I had me 1.2 8v it managed about 400/500 miles to a tank on the way to college, when I started doing frequent motorway driving (50+) it all went wrong. Th 1.4 16V is actually worse on fuel then my 172 (Probably because of the gearbox ratios)

Unless im sitting static in traffic for some time, the temp gauge is normally a few mm below half (On all the clio's I've had)
  Clio 1.2 8v / DC2-R
I'm hoping its just the fuel gauge being abit gay, it needs to be doing 40+ mpg else I might as well use the Integra to commute to work in!

As I'm bang on half a tank according to the gauge I should be seeing 200/250 (given the above 400/500 to a tank) miles covered not 140 :/

Are the fuel gauges in these Clio's know to be accurate/inaccurate?
1) Mines a 1.2 (1.1 - 1149cc) 8v I do 46 miles a day it costs me £10 a day

2) Mines sits just below or halfway depends on sunny weather or not mate :)


^^ bloody hell i do similar mileage to you in the 182 and it doesn't cost a tenner a day. is your accelerator pedal stuck?;)
  Clio 1.2 8v / DC2-R
When idling it goes between 500-750rpm, not in a regular rhythm though and is a little lumpy when cold so think something may be blocked. Will have a look at the pcv at the weekend. Will know more once I work the mpg out.
  Clio 1.2 8v / DC2-R
has it had a good service? sparks and oil change might help. BUT thats my opinion seems as iv never owned a 1.2

Was services 3000 miles ago by a garage as the service stamp says, but unsure what was changed, may have just been oil and filter. A full service is on my list. The car has a complete service history from new and has only done 50000 miles so think it may be something minor rather than injectors or something.