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  1. R

    Rattling Noise above 2800-2900 rpm Clio 4 RS Trophy

    Hi, I have recently bought a 2018 Clio 4 RS 220 Trophy with lovely Akrapovic Exhaust. The car has driven about 26000km. I have noticed recently, that when the oil is about 90-95 degrees celsius (on the R.S. Monitor), I hear a rattling noise from under the hood, above 2800rpm stationary...
  2. M

    Clio 2.0 Dynamique s

    Hi looking for a replacement engine for my beloved Clio need to fit MK3 any any ideas where I can get one
  3. S

    1.6 16v sounding like a lawn mower

    Hey everyone, Today, myself and my clio had a rough day. Firstly, on my way to work, the exhaust back box mount failed and the whole exhaust fell off. Got that fixed, welded in a new exhaust and that was good... for a total of 15 minutes. I'm not sure if this is exhaust related, I highly doubt...
  4. H

    Clio 1.2 16V What’s going on

    Hello all, Bought a clio 2 days ago 2004 1.2 16V Digital Temperature meter goes max 2 stripes. Cold starts it is on 0 stripes. Took to mechanic to check Thermostat and Temperature Sensor. Sensor works. (Tested in boiling water) Thermostat was cheap so got advised to replace just to be sure...
  5. C

    Car wouldn’t start, but battery and alternator are good?

    Hello, I’m new to this forum. I’ve just bought a 1.1 2008 Renault Clio to get me around while a crash claim I was in gets sorted out. It was off a family friend and was pretty cheap as the clutch was on its way out. Ive drove the car around 4-5 times, it’s not insured untill September but I’ve...
  6. J


    Evening all, I recently popped my engine on a track day in my clio 182. I have a replacement engine. I am looking to see if anyone on here would be able to/or know anyone in north west, preferably close to macclesfield as possible to fit my new engine? Thanks
  7. D

    Engine swap

    Hi, my 1.2 engine in my mk 3 went last week, timing belt snapped and bent all 16 valves, I’ve just bought another mk3 1.2 engine with the same engine code as the one that went, Will this just be plug and play, or will I need the ecu to go with it?
  8. 1

    Throttle not working

    Was driving the 182 earlier today when it just lost all acceleration then the engine started to idol its self at between 2500rpm and 3000rpm and the throttle peddle wasn't responding but the throttle its self was still opening and closing each fine time it got pressed just wasn't letting the car...
  9. TheJimsterJim

    Overheating, squeaking engine and juddering steering. What has gone wrong?

    Been searching the forum but can't seem to figure out what has gone wrong on my 2005 182FF. Recently changed my alternator after it died and all seemed to be going just fine for about a week then today I took her for a spin and I'm sure I felt something go under the car and then could hear a...
  10. arChi69

    Running rough, EML on, no power

    Hope someone can point me in the right directions here. Was driving around yesterday when suddenly EML light came on flashing and car lost power, limp mode as such. Idles ok when stationary, but when moving off sounds like a Subaru boxer engine with a hint of sewing machine ? Also the exhaust...
  11. Archtects

    Clio sport check engine/revs its-self/sounds like motorbike

    On way home today was driving down the road changed down and rather than revving I heard what sounded one blowing I assumed it was my exhaust or something. But then I noticed check engine light and that the car was Reving it self, then I heard the noise it was making. Sounds a little bit like...
  12. M

    Catalitic convertor problems

    Having engine troubles especially in cold conditions. Engine will be less responsive at times and occasionally stall shortly after startup. The toxic fume warning light now flashes. Any ideas on a solution? 130k miles, 2001 Clio.
  13. U

    Metal Grinding Noise Around Timing Area?

    Hi all, recently my 172 has developed an issue around the timing belt area it sounds like a metal scraping noise kind of like a bearing has gone don't believe it is the dephaser but was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? The timing belt and water pump were done 2 years ago by...
  14. ClioDude55

    Blowing sound from 16v mk2

    I get a blowing sound every time I press the gas, no matter the rpm. Coming from under the engine cover/back of motor. Anyone have any idea? Have checked for leaks on all hoses u can se without jacking up the car ?
  15. C

    Bolt sizes

    I need to replace the engine cover bolts and the inlet manifold bolts, what sizes are they?
  16. I

    Car won’t rev when engine is on!

    hi! I’m having problems with my 2001 manual Renault Clio. When I turn the engine on and put into gear to move off, my engine won’t rev meaning my car won’t move. When it happens I turn the engine off and on again, and keep having to restart the car until it revs. It doesn’t happen all the time...
  17. Posty07

    Clio 1.2tce Rattling/Tapping seemingly coming from offside

    Hi all, As in the title I'm getting a strange metallic sounding tapping noise from the offside of the engine. I've not heard a noise like it before so don't know what to look for, so I was hoping someone might have an idea! Video shows the noise, it isn't as audible on the near-side of the...
  18. B

    lumpy and juddery idle HELPPP!!!

    hi, this is the first post I've done on here but I've had the account a while cause its fun looking at peoples build threads to get ideas, but anyways back to the main issue.. a few months ago i was driving back from work and all of a sudden the engine management light started flashing and the...
  19. Ryannn982

    Trying to diagnose whether my timing has slipped.

    Hi everyone, I’m a bit stumped with this issue so hoping someone can help! Got a 2003 172 that I’ve been planning to use for motorsport. Unknown timing belt history and I’ve only had it a few weeks. Driving it particularly hard today and under deceleration I hear a large metallic rumbling...
  20. J

    Mk1 clio

    Does anyone know if you the gearbox from a mk2/mk3 would fit onto a Mk1 engine? Cheers.
  21. S

    Clio ‘06, spare key won’t start engine

    Hi all, I have a Clio 1.2v Expression, that I can’t current use because my spare key won’t turn the engine on. I had to stop using my normal key because the unlock/lock buttons were being unusable, so I started using my spare key instead. Then my spare key broke, so I had to start using my...
  22. T

    Is my head gasket blown?? PLEASE HELP

    i have a 2005 1.2 Clio (mark II) 124k miles Started noticing a significant loss of engine power, struggle to get the revs up, gear stick shaking violently while stationary at traffic lights now it’s at the point where it can barely even get up a Hill in low gear, hill starts are impossible...
  23. D

    Ignition Problem!

    Hi, hoping someone can point me in the right direction with my 182 ignition problem. Clio 182 2005 A couple of weeks ago, when i turned my ignition off, the key turned fully and removed from the barrel, however the engine continued to run, and all the lights were lit up on the dash, as...
  24. Andy_in_Ireland

    using resistor on front Lambda sensor?

    Hello - I have heard of people putting in a resistor on the plugs of certain senors to fool the engine and make the orange engine light on the dash go out , can this be done with the Lambda sensor (pre-cat/front)? if so what size resistor is needed and (there are 4wires to the Lambda - pretty...
  25. D

    Engine rebuild

    has anyone seen a guide to completely strip down a 172/182 engine and rebuild it or possibly have pictures step by step? Really want to do an engine build with mods to the engine TIA
  26. S

    182 temp gauge issue

    Sorry to bring up a well known issue however I'll puzzle about This one , when I start my car the gauge appears to be working as normal it'll creep up , then when I drive off it seems to sit a tad lower/cooler that normally will occasionally drop the slightest ( I mean minascule) then it'll...
  27. M

    fuel is pumping before ignition?

    hey, my car wouldnt start about 3 weeks ago, replaced the crank sensor as that is what code was showing up, did nothing so i then replaced the whole engine bay loom, this had triggered the immobiliser which i reset with the key and now when i turn the key to pos 2 its pumping fuel into the...
  28. Kingadamwest

    182 MAP sensor just amazing!!!!!

    So after having serious problems with a miss fire under load and lots of flat spots and spending lots of money on new timing belts aux map sensor lambda sensor etc etc and it still not running right, i decided to start unplugging all these new sensors because why not!!!....what harm could it do...
  29. D

    Over revving on start

    Hi everyone I have a problem with my Renault clio 1.2 2006 petrol, ok so, when I start the car it will rev right up to 5-6k so I unpluged the throttle body and the revs dropped to normal 1500, plug it back in and it continues at 1500 revs, if I hold the throttle pedal it will limit it at 3500...
  30. A

    poorly 182 does'nt like slow traffic????

    Hi everyone i'm new to this :) story is i bought a 182 FF with 109k around 2 years ago, spent a load of cash on the thing. It has 130k on the clock but still used to drive really nice until a trip from Tamworth to Edinburgh and back again, ever since that long trip, the car has been acting up...