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Enough is enough! Powerflow here I come..

Ive finally had enough of my exhaust rattling about. I can even hear it about my tunes!! Anyway, Ive decided that Im gonna go to Top Gear in St Albans (as its just up the road) to get a Powerflow jobby fitted.

Ive only heard good things about this place so hopefully itll be a good one. Do I go for a simple 4" round or twin 3.5"??



when you going down mate?

i work round the corner was gonna take mine down for a bit of twin 3.5 action

I was hoping to go down before xmas but time is running out!! Good to hear someone else had the twin 3.5" thought.....

Hopefully get a good exhaust roar, my Magnex back box is a bit too quiet for my taste.

I like the look of that! The thing is they will have to cut the bumper to accomodate the twin exhaust because at the moment it only has one oval cutting for the single backbox. They will do this if I ask them wont they?!
  FOR SALE - Mk1 V6

someone with a MK2 clio get a powerflow twin letterbox, stacked, center!!

ive just always thought it would suit the mk2 so well.

I have a powerflow from the cat back on my mk1 172, it cost £279 inc vat and took 3 hours to fit. I went for the 6"x4" oval tailpipe. I think it looks pretty good and it makes a very nice noise !. I hope to get new pics of my car in the gallery soon.