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ever booted it away from the Traffics

  H22A7 Accord Type R

Yes........I had a close bloody call just now!!! Clio aint been out since Saturday morning, takes it out tonite, comin home i come up to give way down from my house. some tw*ts are sitting in a white golf, who always shout abuse at me, so i boot it in 1st , they flash at me, then, just as i go for second, i see the traffic cops sitting round the corner!!!!!! sh*t!!!!!!!! So, casually change gear and move up the street, then see their headlights getting switched on, so i go a bit faster, round the corner, and fly into my driveway! lights off, duck down and see them go Screaming up the Hill! get out the car, into my room, and watch from my window! They come back down the hill, and go up another street near me! i think its safe to say they were lookin for me eh! Anyway, they headed back down to sit where they were...not seeing the clio in the drive.........AH good old company van hiding it!!! lol! I just wonder what they would have said to me exactly?! i mean, i wont have broken the speed limit, just caned it in 1st lol! Must of been a picture seeing my little clio squatting down its arse end infront of them lol!........ah..........Im starting to stop shaking now! thought i would share it with ya all..........not often i run from the traffics lol!!!!! After a £30 fog light fine the other week, i think i should calm down a LOT!!!! lol, cheers for listenin Guys, a very shaken Rob lol

I had the same last summer gunned it in 1st and 2nd I think they heard the induction kit and decided to follow me for about 15mins ! pulled me over

mr plod gets out of his ice cream van do u know why u have been pulled over for

me - no

mr plod- do u know ure number plates are illegal

me - no

mr plod - we can give u a £30 fine

me - NO !

any way i stood there and argued the toss didnt get a fine in the end and told him he would not of pulled me if he wernt bored !!!

he couldnt have done anything, unless you were driving dangerously.

I know the feeling though, ive been flashed by the police a few times, then played cat and mouse. hiding etc:) they might not be able to do you, but no one wants to be pulled, or worse make your car known to the police.
  H22A7 Accord Type R

yeah, now that ive calmed down, largely due to a spin in my van and the beer im drinking, i can laugh at the fact that they were looking for me! and my van hid the car! Its just my luck that the tw*ts who are always sitting there causing trouble, get away with lodza sh*t, and i could have been gettin words for speeding away from them before i got sh*t thrown at my car! Justice eh! Worse thing is, i bet the traffics were waiting for them!!!!!! DOH lol! Ah well, kep a low profile for a another few weeks! Cheers guys
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

My mate was in his dads BMW 545 sport. It was a company car and it was the last day his dad was gonna have it. So he took it out whilst his parents were out to give it one last thrash. 120 up a hill towards his house and the coppers blue light came on in the background at the bottom of the hill.

So he nailed it, turned into his drive off the main road and rolled down with the lights and engine off. Coppers flew past in a Volvo.

Quite lucky really as he was 22 and wasnt even insured on the car!

Ahhhh, memories!

Last year when I had my Nova (I know I know!!!) I was racing an Escort and we flew past a parked up police van (the big ones!) at twice the legal limit!

We got to a round-about at the end of the round and split up, and I caned it back to my house (bout 1/2 mile away), absolutly flew into the drive, lights off, out the car, in the house, into the front room, and what do I see fly past the house! The coppers with their blues on!

They drove back past about 5minutes later a bit slower but didnt notice the car parked up! Lucky for me it was a bloody riot van and not a T5! lol
  H22A7 Accord Type R

lol, i was in my room, seen them comin back down the hill, so turned my lights of and watched em drive past, guy in the passenger side glimpsed in the drive, obviously they didnt get a good look at the OBC mobile!!!!!!!! lucky bugger

the worst story ive heard, one of my mates (guy i know from school really).

Driving through a 30mph town at 2am, doing about 70mph. Goes flying past a transit police van, they give chase...soon lose him. So the guy carries on. Between this two and the next hes doing over 90mph in a 40mph, bmw infront slows and stops at the red light. So mr corsa driver overtakes the bmw, through the red light and past the traffics sitting at the other side. They soon give chase, after a bit of cat and mouse he gets nailed. So hes getting done for this shocking offence, when the transit catches say the least he lost his licence. Another idiot off the road, thanks:)
  CTR EK9 turbo

I know what you mean about the shakes - you can even get them if youre not driving! Ive been a passenger in two police chases. First one was in my friends (fast car 4x4 w/turbo, dont really wanna say whose)car and he was racing (for some stupid reason) a Nova!? anyway, we toasted that and was going over a hill a quite a bit faster than the limit and a bit more sideways than youre supposed to, anyway, on the brow of the hill coming the other way is a Focus Police car and he flashes us and turns around with his blues and twos on. My friend boots it and drifts around a large roundabout and we toe it into a nearby large car park and hide behind an Evo VI to watch the police shoot past.

2nd chase was in my friends Golf 1.8 (doesnt have it any more) and at this point in time he had forgotten to buy tax - and as were going to turn off to buy fuel my friend decides to go through a very stale orange/red light light next to a police car whose in the lane to go straight and we turn right to head for a mini roundabout to go eventually to the Gas station, anyway, the police man didnt like his Red light jumping and turns (accross oncoming traffic i may add!) to follow us. He starts flashing us coming the opposite direction and my friend says "is he flashing us?!" and we were nah, it looks like hes going to a call in town. Nope he turns around the same roundabout that weve just negotiated and chases after us! oh dear. So i shout to my friend hes turned around and hes coming! "go go go!!!" i dont know why i shouted it, but my friend booted it and we were off onto the motorway! taking the slip road stupidly fast and off he goes. I was looking out of the back window at the police car struggling to keep up! literally! he was about 400 metres behind when he entered the motorway and i just saw his blue lights get further and further into the distance! TOASTED! it was a police astra. Anyway, my friend was trying to choose a slip road to get off on and managed to find one where he could carry his high speed onto and then turn out the lights. That he did, and we watched the speeding police car charge on past. Toasted!

Bit dumb on behalf of my friends tho. Id never even contemplate running from the cops! just imagine they had a T5!!!

well i got done for speeding almost two weeks ago, at one point hitting just under 130mph on motorway. anyway, the land rover wasnt in view until i slowed down for the slip road, and then i looked in my rear view and saw it!! was considering booting it but they would soon be on the radio to the T5s and Omega V6s. any way he is only doing me for speeding and is gonna put down i was doing 97mph so i dont lose my license. 19yrs old, 9 points on my second license:(
  190 BHP Willy 2


How can you afford to insure a valver? Surely the premium must be pretty hefty if your on your second licence with 9 points.

I suggest taking it easy on the loud pedel ;)


...and i thought my insurance was high with 2 accidents and 3pts at 19! an thats only on an RT!

btw, how can you tell if they are T5s?

and as ive never been in a chase, can the police not just log your numberplate and get your details from the computer after the chase is over? or cant they bebothered?


ClioSport Club Member
  Seat Leon Cupra

if youre doing 120+ and something wardrobe like with blue lights is catching you up like you were in reverse, chances are its a T5 and you should pull over unless you can comfortably go over 155. And i dont get that about chases either, if theyre close enough to read the plate why run? They know who you are and where you live! (unless you forgot to tell the DVLA of course)


ClioSport Club Member

Talking of brushes with the doppers....

In York with a couple of mates getting some weed (it was a pretty dodgy area and one of the lads in my car was a known criminal). We were waiting outside whilst the crim was getting the weed. Parked by the side of the road we notice an old red capri come to a t junction and sit there for a while looking at us. We clocked them and had a word to each other about things being on top. It drives off and we think nothing more of it. Lad come back with the weed and we drive off - only 2 find a marked copper car waiting for us at a junction. We pull off and sure enough he follows us and puts the sirens and lights on. I pull over cos i was driving and then from nowhere this clapped out old capri does a massive handbrake turn in front of my car and these 4 fat undercover CID cnuts get out along with about 4 coppers from the other car. They open the doors and scream "KEEP STILL PUT UR HANDS UP - THIS IS A DRUGS BUST!!!" I literally messed my pants.

Luckily my mate had the weed on him, they searched us, found the gear on him and arrested him. I got off with a smacked wrist.

So 4 coppers, 4 CID and a bout 1/2 an hour of police time for an 8th of weed. WORTH IT!!!!

im paying stupid insurance mate. i work alot, run a hip-hop night in manchester and get a student loan...thats how i afford it

...just think what you could do with the £ - im still regrettin slippin on ice and kerbin my motor, thats cost me £800. (third f**kin party!)

...which would have bought extreme lowness, zorst, induction, chip.


Message to all, BUY A SPEED CAMERA DETECTOR! Never saw the point in them until April last year when a MARKED ( how i didnt notice i dont know ) Vectra Estate followed my brand new Astra Estate (diesel) up the A19 near Middlesborough for 8.5 miles! Caught me at every speed from 62mph in a 50, to 99.3 on the dual carriageway, and average of 93.4mph. Was gutted! Always thought I would see them 1st! (naiive I know).

Since then it has been a godsend, I actually drive slower with it in! Strange but true.

I dont use mine for Gatsos cos there aint many up here, but the laser detection is superb, it gives you the same advantage they have, you know where they are!

Drive safe boys and girls, and if you arent, make sure you dont get caught!


ClioSport Club Member

Steve they must have been watching the dealer - it was a pretty dodgy area. And my mate got a caution.

I had to do that tonight!

Tanking it down the St. Albans road towards Harpenden, had overtaken some stuff and was just coming in to the area with lights down it. Doing significantly over the ton i went passed a volvo estate police car (poss T-5) heading in the opposite direction.

It jammed the anchors on and pulled into a side road to turn round. Lights going and everything. Fortunatly it got held up waiting for a car doing 50ish to get past or out the way, so i stuck my foot to the floor. The second i got round the corner i theres a left hand turn. I was out of sight but knew they were comming so breaked hard to make the turn, ABS going nuts and sliding side ways. I went about 200 yard but with nowhere else to go in a straight residential street, i pulled into someones drive and tried shut the lights off... which of course they wouldnt... bloody auto lights.

Engine off, and ducked down to see them really fly past. I waited for about 5 mins and was about to go when i saw them come back. They went right past the drive i was in. My heart was going like the clappers. Thankfully they seemed not to see the car, and so soon as they had gone around the corner i buggerd off back towards st.albans quick style... well about 60ish.

Thankfully, theres no way they saw the no. plate. Im still shaking a bit... time for a vodka methinks.