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Excel Calculation help

  Bumder With A Buffer
Right I am hitting a brick wall/having a mind blank with this.

I have a sheet that tracks my hours at work, on the front page I call in the values from the end of the week so as an example Cell C3 = ='JAN 14'!F12

From there I want to calculate how many hours I have done extra/under for the week, G1 cell is 37:30 hours. So in cell D3 I do = C3-G1.

What the problem is that if cell C3 is 0:00 hours I return a -37:30 in column D3...which in turn through my TOIL (done in a totally different cell) tracking into a constant minus figure.

What I want cell D3 to do is ONLY do the calculation of C3-G1 when the value is higher then "0:00" in cell C3. But im failing :( The cells are formatted in hh:mm format.

Anyone able to other some help? I have tried a SUMIF statement but it fails.
  Bumder With A Buffer
FFS im a tard...Thats spot on cheers for that.

I swear I did that but I had it back to front it seems. :eek: