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External Mic on Samsung Tablet help


ClioSport Club Member
  clio 182
i simply want to use an external mic on a new samsung tab A, whilst being able to charge the tablet at the same time. but seems its very hard to achieve. the headphone jack is output only, sadly.

this is the mic i purchased

if i plug a usb c to 3.5mm jack adapter in, mic works fine.

i purchased one of these, but this doesnt work.

i purchased this splitter to try in the above, but nope didnt work -

anyone offer any suggestions?


i would guess the adapter you use is just for headphones - sometimes if you look carefully on laptops these days instead of a headphone icon, like your adapter, they have a headset icon, indicating they will take the headset style headphones that include a mic

i think you'd just have to select your product carefully... for example this one has a pic of the adapter with 3 lines on, indicating there is a mic in the mix, but i havent read the spec to see if there is a mic/stereo input or if they have just used a misleading pic

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