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Ive Ordered A New CNC Router


ClioSport Club Member
  clio 182
Im like a kid waiting for Christmas!! (excited)

the time has come for me to get a bigger cnc router, my current one does 525mm by 280mm. which is pretty limiting.

Been speaking to the chap for a few months about requirements/spec etc... and i finally ordered one -

1m x 1m cutting area
28,000RPM water cooled spindle, my current one is air cooled. so is loud and very dusty!
runs on Mach3 which is what i currently use, so thats a bonus
comes with a complete set of collets, given the age of my current machine collets are like unicorn poo!

i picked up a beer cooler off ebay to use to cool the spindle -

turns out i got a right bargain, £200 and its brand spanking new. not a mark or bit of dust on it, plus its a closed loop setup :)



ordered one of these to control the chiller -

just got to wait for the router to arrive now, about 4-5 week wait :(


ClioSport Club Member
  clio 182
That is awesome!

What sort of stuff can you do on it? Is it mainly wood?

Seems really good value for the size as 1m x 1m is huge
Yes wood only, I have a manual and cnc mill for metal stuff.

I'm going to try up my game with it, so will post results in due course.

I'd like bigger but it's the biggest I can fit in the gap in my workshop sadly.


ClioSport Club Member
Well if you decide to punt your other on let me know. I've not got a mill....


ClioSport Club Member
  clio 182
so 7 weeks later its finally arrived.

real hard graft getting from the drive, into the garden and into the workshop. 120kg in weight.

very very disappointed with the electronics.
the machine has no homing switches, which im totally shocked at. didnt even know you could get a cnc without homing switches, my £350 laser cutter has homing switches. not even sure i know how to use it without homing switches and limits.

when i go into homing/limits in mach its empty, so looks like i could easily damage the machine, i will be adding limit switches.

the estop is wired backwards :(
took me about an hour of faffing to work out why mach would activate, push the estop down and mach engages. easy fix i know, but come on...

ordered a new control board last night and some homing switches, so it will be getting a rewire before i use it.