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external temp gauge query

  VW Potato


when I started the car this morning, the ext temp gauge said it was 3degress. Oddly, the degree symbol started flashing (not the 3, just the symbol). Ive never noticed this before. Then when I got to work, it was at 4degrees, but the flashing had stopped.

Is this normal? Does it act as an early warning for ice etc? (at sub-zero temperatures, the ex temp display in my mums old Volvo used to warn COLD!, as if you couldnt tell that yourself!)



  Shiny red R32


Nothing to worry about, we have had this warning flashing in several cars, it is just to alert you that it is cold enough for some ice to be about, particularly in sheltered areas, or where the sun doesnt reach.

On the radio this morning it said that there has been some frost in some areas and to expect some icy patches on roads. Yesterday in some parts of Cheshire there was freezing fog, so winter is well and truly here! :cry:

My 16v is fond of displaying either an E or -16, dont know what the E means, and I have seen the -16 in sunny hot days. The rest of the time it seems fairly accurate. Does anybody know where the sensor for the external temperature gauge is

Alex M

yeah its the black hangy down thingy, it was 1 degree celcius this morning, but once the car warmed up it flew:D
  VW Potato

Thanks for your responses guys. Just out of interest, i checked the handbook yesterday and it makes no reference to the it acting as a warning, but as GR says, thats probably what it is. Puppy: Arrrrrrr, cute, cuddly and caring, too. :)

  VW Potato


Are you calling me a cute, caring, cuddly puppy?

If so, xxxxx", well as its a yucky Monday morning and we can all do with a boost to lift the gloom, why not! :)